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A Photo Booth Rental for your School or Church Event

Church Events
Church, Synagogue and religious parties, events and gatherings can be a great way to socialize, meet new members, and become closer to each other. Don’t believe you have to settle for a boring event. Adding a photo booth to your church party is a great way to show that when appropriate you know how to loosen up, build friendships and celebrate together. Regardless of your religious beliefs or denomination, we would appreciate and respect the opportunity to celebrate with your spiritual community. Clients often tell us that the photo booth rental made the church party they planned the talk of the congregation for months!

Our photobooth packages can be customized to perfectly meet your event’s needs. Are you looking to have large groups take pictures together? Would you like a message to reach each person in attendance? Do you want to create memories that you can post on your church’s website, Facebook page, or email to your members? We can provide this and much more for any church event. 

School Events
Our photo booths are a hit with high school students. They allow good friends to take fantastic pictures of their last months together before they must separate for college studies and other life goals. Naturally, these same photos are saved, allowing them to share moments that last for a lifetime. Sometimes other guests besides the students make use of our photo booth during the event. It’s no exaggeration when we say how contagious the excitement is!

We provide a many filters for students to play with as they take photos together. Those that are more inclined to spend time on social media can share their photos through those channels, with high quality pictures that will impress. School faculty and parents enjoy the flexibility of our photo booths when deciding what is best for their scheduled school event. For those that may be worried about the safety of the photo booth or with students getting frustrated using the booth, an attendant will be available to take pictures, answer any questions, and manage the area.

For many graduating seniors, there is no event more classy and fun than prom. Prom allows the students to dress their best and spend meaningful time with their friends before college. Why not take some photos along the way?

School Fair
Many schools run an annual fair for their students and the community. Often these festivals help provide the school with additional funding, or the funds go to a local fundraiser or charity. Many students look forward to the school fair as a chance to be with each other outside of class, out of uniform (if the school is a private school) while exploring the unique attractions at the fairgrounds. Classmates want to make sure that the time they spend during their teenage and young adult years lead to making memories that last a lifetime. What better way to celebrate their time together than with a full service, open air photo booth at your fair?

Homecoming is an annual dance that takes that takes place all across Sacramento and surrounding counties. It usually takes place sometime between late September and early October. To welcome back students and alumni. Schools tend to dedicate an entire week to homecoming to celebrate the return of the school year with live music, events, parades, a football game, and homecoming dance. What better way to capture the memories of this fantastic week than with a photo booth?


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