660 Castle Combo Bounce House

Open Air Booth

The Open Air Booth offers a red carpet photography feel where everyone can enjoy the fun. This style allows your guests to stand in front of the booth instead of inside, which is a constant reminder of the great time your guests are having.Photos can be taken in front of a wall or pointing out into your event, with or without a backdrop.

We offer various stock backdrops such as white, gray, or the black textured backdrop pictured above. We can also create a completely custom backdrop for your event, or use our innovative green screen option to create superimposed foreground and background images on the prints without the cost of printing a custom fabric backdrop.

What's included...

  • Photo strips print with two copies, one for your guests to take and one to leave for you
  • Each photo strip will be printed with the name of your event on the strip itself
  • Bright, even lighting creates the perfect lighting conditions within the canopy
  • The booth comes complete with many great props, or you can provide your own, up to you!
  • Simple, easy to use touch screen interface
  • Get a Flash Drive with ALL event pictures after the event
  • The photo booth is perfect for weddings, proms, private parties, corporate events, pretty much anything you can think of!

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