Green Screen Photo Booth Rental

Green Screen Photo Booth

Our Green Screen Photo Booth allows you and your guests to be anywhere they want to be! Having a safari themed event and you want lions in the background? No problem! Throwing a kids birthday party and you want SpongeBob to be in the photo? No problem, we can do that also!

Green screen technology has been around for a very long time. The weatherman on your local news channel stands in front of a green screen every night providing you with your local forecast. The technology is quite simple actually. The backdrop is an actual green color. You or your guests stand in front of the green screen and the camera takes a photo. From there, the camera sends the image through the computer and the computer then replaces anything green with an image of your choice.

As you can see, the choices you have for a backdrop is endless and only limited to the background image you have access to. For example, if we used an image of a beach in Hawaii, every photo that prints out will show you standing on the beach in Hawaii. If we use an image of Las Vegas, every photo that prints out will show you standing in Las Vegas!

What's included...

  • Photo strips print with two copies, one for your guests to take and one to leave for you
  • Each photo strip will be printed with the name of your event on the strip itself
  • Bright, even lighting creates the perfect lighting conditions within the canopy
  • The booth comes complete with many great props, or you can provide your own, up to you!
  • Simple, easy to use touch screen interface
  • Get a Flash Drive with all event pictures after the event
  • The photo booth is perfect for weddings, proms, private parties, corporate events, pretty much anything you can think of!

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